Curves In The Streets: Just Do It!!!!

Hey beautiful people!

Welcome to my very first post on the Curves In The Streets website.  I must admit that this site has been long over due……  I’m sure many of my supporters and friends would say “About Time!” lol.  Yeah, yeah I know.  After much procrastination, I finally took the time out of my busy schedule to create my website.  My site is still a work in progress, however, I’m just so happy to finally have it up!

So often we can really be our worst critic. Fear and doubt will hold you back from some of your greatest achievements in life.  For my first post, I wanted to share the importance of having confidence within yourself.  Confidence goes further beyond than how you look on the outside, but having confidence on the inside is what truly matters. After several months, I finally built the confidence within myself to create my own website.  At first, I thought that this was something that I could not do and felt that I needed someone to do it for me.  Well after seeking help from others that did not fall through.  I knew that this was a task that I had to do on my own.

I’m sharing my story and real life experience to help anyone else dealing with fear and self doubt.  I swear procrastination is the devil….. I’m so serious, lol.  If you have a task or a goal that you have been sitting on for the longest, I’m here to tell you like Nike “Just Do It!”  Don’t let another day go bye that you don’t move forward towards your goals and dreams.  Now there may be times when we will have to seek help from professionals. However, the point that I am making today is to never doubt yourself and your skills until you actually try it.  So whatever your dreams are in life, just make sure you continue to build the confidence within to make them a reality!



Curves In The Streets wearing Fashion To Figure


Outfit Details:

Sheer top and pencil skirt from Fashion To Figure

Boots from K&G Fashion Superstore

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