Yung Pinch Meet And Greet at iHeart Radio

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I’m excited to share with you my recap on a private meet and greet.  I had the chance to attend  Kube 93.3 and iHeart Radio studios to meet hip hop artist, Yung Pinch.  Yung Pinch is an up and coming new artist that has been gaining a lot of attention out in these streets.  The twenty-one year old artist hails from Huntington Beach,CA. Known for his beach boy vibes and melodic flow, Yung Pinch is making waves and his mark in the musc industry.

iHeart Radio and AT&T Thanks Presents Yung Pinch

When I received an invite to the exclusive event,  I was too excited and eager to do a little research on Yung Pinch.  Not only does he have a dope flow, but he has also created a loyal following.  The once underground artist has now created such a buzz that is now crossing over into the mainstream.

Yung Pinch

Radio personality, Eric Rosado from Kube 93.3 sat down and talked with Yung Pinch for a live and intimate interview inside the #ATTThanks and iHeart Radio lounge at the meet and greet.  He was very open and shared some of his favorite highlights from his most recent European tour with fellow artist, G-Eazy.  In the the interview, Yung Pinch mentioned how he really enjoyed touring in Europe and how it is now one of his favorite places that he has ever been. When Eric asked him what was his top three favorite things about Europe, he excitedly replied the girls, food, and the architecture!

Yung Pinch The Name

Eric also asked Yung Pinch, how did he get his name.  Yung Pinch explaind he got his name from smoking when he was young, he was a freshmen in high school to be eaxct and he would always get a “pinch”. He said, “i didnt like the name at first , but it stuck and now I dont want to change it and I can do what ever I want.”

Yung Pinch also talked about how being compared to Post Malone in the industry doesn’t really bother him and he does not feel any pressure. “I actually take it as a compliment to be compared to someone that is doing better than me.”  Well despite the similarites of the two artist, this rising star is definitely making a name for himself. Make sure to keep an eye on this dope yung artist, I definitley am looking foward to hearing more of his music and watching his journey to success. Check out one of my favorite videos from him entitled “Rock With Us” that has over 8 million views to date!

For more exclusives on Yung Pinch’s private meet and greet, make sure to check it out on Kube 93.3.

Written by Tammy Davis (@CurvesInTheStreets)

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